Foundations in the Faith

Foundations in the Faith
Thanks for checking out Foundations. These eight lessons are meant to be an introduction to the basic teachings of the Bible, and to membership at Pilgrim. They're here on the website so that you can take the course at your own pace. We also offer the class in a traditional setting several times throughout the year. Give me a call or an email if you're interested in class times.

When you take the course online we miss out on the personal interaction that happens naturally in the classroom. We've tried to compensate for this shortcoming by putting two personal interviews with me into the course: one in the middle and one at the end.

So here's how it works:
1. Open or download the PowerPoint presentation for the lesson you want to take.
2. Open or download the worksheet for the lesson you want to take.
3. Read through the slide presentation. Fill in the blanks on your worksheet as you proceed.
4. At the end of lesson four (Will Jesus Come Again?) you'll be asked to contact me for a conversation.
5. Once we've had that conversation I'll give you a user name and password so that you can continue with lessons five through eight.
6. At the end of lesson eight (How Do I Fit In?) you'll be asked to contact me again.

And of course, if you have any questions or concerns at any point in the course please contact me. I'm always interested in your questions and progress and would like to know how I can help. May God bless your study!

Peace, Pastor Pete
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