Pilgrim Member Information Sheet

Street Address (Please include an apartment number if needed)
City, State and Zip Code
Home Phone (Please include area code)
Cell Phone (Please include area code)
E-mail address
Job Title
Where do you work? (e.g. downtown, at home, etc.)
Date of Birth
Wedding Anniversary
What I like most about Pilgrim:
What I dislike most about Pilgrim:
In addition to preaching and teaching God's Word, Pilgrim can help me most in my Christian faith and life right now by:
Please identify one or more areas in which God has blessed you with time and ability to use for the good of your fellow members at Pilgrim and to His glory! (Note: A separate form should be filled out for each family member who would like to participate. Signing up for an area below does not obligate you to participate in all of the activities listed in that area. It will give our board and committee leaders a chance to contact you and learn more about your skills and interests whenever specific opportunities arise.)
MUSICAL SKILLS - (Examples: Adult choir, adult handbell choir, vocal or instrumental music, Praise Hymn)
WORKING WITH YOUNGER CHILDREN - (Examples: Sunday School, vacation bible school, child care supervisor or volunteer, Pilgrim School volunteer, Boy/Girl pioneers)
WORKING WITH OLDER CHILDREN / TEENS / YOUNG PEOPLE - (Examples: Coaching, Upper level Sunday School, teen group, college student ministries)
CLEANING AND ROUTINE MAINTENANCE - (Examples: Church and school cleaning (The Sunshine Club), helping with work days, grounds cleanup, painting, setup/takedown for events)
SKILLED MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS - (Examples: Plumbing, electrical, drywall, masonry, construction, other specialized mechanical or trade skills)
CLERICAL / OFFICE HELP - (Examples: Bulletin and newsletter assembling, data entry, preparing mailings, restocking pew or narthex supplies)
MEMBER FELLOWSHIP - (Examples: Church fellowship suppers, kitchen work and serving, church picnic, coordinate or assist with fellowship activities and special events)
OUTREACH / EVANGELISM - (Examples: New resident visitors, distributing literature (adopt-a-block), follow-up with contacts, community booths, Sunday greeters, women's mission society - LWMS, local outreach events, new member visits, phone work)
SHOWING MERCY / GIVING ENCOURAGEMENT - (Examples: Providing rides, shut-in visits, assist people in need, helping with the Blood Drive, contacting members for spiritual encouragement)
TECHNOLOGY - (Examples: Website maintenance, graphic design, audio, video, photography, tape ministry)
FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - (Examples: Offering counting, Financial Advisory Committee,)
WORSHIP SUPPORT - (Examples: altar guild, ushering, worship greeters)
OTHER - Let us know what your skills are. Include areas of special interest as well as areas in which the Lord has blessed you with special gifts/talents/training. You may also leave general comments here.
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