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Worship Times
Cancelled due the virus outbreak
Watch us online at

  9:30 a.m on Sundays
on our website.
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Sunday 9:30 am 
Free Coffee and Treats are provided before and after the Sunday morning service
Sunday School PreK-6
(Children go to Sunday School after the Children's sermon; shortly after the beginning of the service.)
Bible Study starts at 8:30 am
Where To Park
Parking is available on both sides of 1st Ave. Saturday and Sunday, 
and on the west side of 1st Ave. Monday through Friday. 
In addition, parking is available on both sides of 39th St. and on the west side of Stevens Ave.
There are also several disability spaces along the alley and next to the church.

Pilgrim Evangelical Lutheran Church,
3901 First Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409 
Phone 612-825-5375
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The Holy Spirit guides our prayer
with Pastor Dustin Sievert

Sunday Worship Services at Pilgrim have begun with social distancing rules in effect. (practicing social distancing guidelines)

 Sunday Worship at 9:30 AM. 

Online worship will still be posted on Facebook and the Pilgrim website www.pilgrimonline.net every Sunday by 9:30 AM.

Tuesday, August 18th!

Brief Devotion, Communion, Prayer (15 minutes) 

10:30 AM every Tuesday

Maximum of 10 units spread out 

Call ahead 612-222-2050 (Pastor’s Cell)

Council has been in contact with a Child Care group called Especially for Children.  They have met in person to consider how a partnership may offer ministry options in our school building.  Pilgrim is blessed with a firm foundation in God and a strong desire for outreach to others.  We know that his love will guide us in this effort. We will continue to give updates and ask for everyone’s prayers as we move forward.
Financial Information for July 1 - July 31
Offerings Received
General Fund                $18,218.00
Tree of Life                    $     375.00
Food Shelf                     $       25.00
Missions                         $    100.00
Capital Improvement      $ 1,460.00
St. Croix                          $     10.00
Early Childhood Center   $   400.00
Other                               $   807.27
Total                              $21,395.27

Expenses Paid

Loan Interest/Banking Fees         $      2,085.42
LACE                                            $     1,610.75
Worship Expenses                        $       105.32
Building Maintenance                    $       401.50
Meditations                                    $       290.25 (Quarterly)
WELS Missions                             $       160.00 (Quarterly)
Utilities                                           $   1,712.91
Insurance                                       $   5,419.96
Office Expenses                             $      709.99 (Copier/Internet)
MN Department of Health              $        40.00
St. Croix High School                    $       104.00 (Quarterly)
Payroll Expenses/Salaries             $ 19,229.27
Total                                               $31,869.37

Endowment Loan  $30,000

Please contact Bonnie at 612-825-5375 if you have any questions regarding the numbers above.

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Morning Coffee Virtual Class 
Wednesday at 6PM /  Thursdays at 9AM

Join us on Wednesday evening or Thursday Morning for Bible Class.  The evening class is studying portions of the readings from the upcoming Sunday worship service and talking about them. And on Thursday, our series is David.

Join us for these studies, you will enjoy them.



Pastor is working from home and will be at church on a limited basis.  
Pastor:  Cell 612-222-2050 email  pastor@pilgrimonline.net

Bonnie will be in the office Tuesday & Thursday.
Bonnie:  763-248-0667



Our food pantry distribution is growing due to need in our area.  Keep this effort in your prayers.

Thank you to helpers, drivers, kitchen crew, callers, and organizers

Please contact Bonnie at 612-825-5375 (Tuesday - Thursday 9 AM - 3 PM) if you would like to set up a time to come in to pick up food items or if you would like to set up a delivery on Thursday.

We now have frozen meals in sets of 5 from Lutheran Social Services.   These meals could contain Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce, Chicken & Dumplings, Egg & Bagel Sandwich, Meatloaf, etc. (we are not able to order specific meals).  Each meal comes with assorted vegetables and or fruits.   If you are interested in receiving these meals please contact Pastor or Bonnie.

Tuesday morning devotion & communion service.

Thank you Dr. Gostchock!
CONSIDER ONLINE GIVING - During the COVID  19 social distancing the Church Council asks that you continue your offerings to church - the bills continue make their way into our mailbox.  There are two ways you can do this:  1.  use online giving (there is a link at the bottom of this email for online giving)  2.  Mail your offerings 

Motivated by our Savior’s gifts and promises we want to continue to offer our gifts to him as our response.  Online giving can help with that
News from our from our brothers & sisters in faith:

Job Opportunity at Good Shepherd Lutheran School
The Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Burnsville has an urgent need for a Kidz Club Director and Aides to assist with the before and after school child care program. Hours could include Monday - Friday, 7am - 8am, and Monday through Friday 3pm - 6pm. Time outside of operation hours will be required for the Director position. The full position descriptions are posted online at www.goodshep.com/employment.
If this is an area where the Lord might be calling you to serve, or if you have any questions about these paid positions, please contact the school’s principal, Mr. Retzlaff at dretzlaff@goodshep.com. This is a valuable program in the school's ministry. We appreciate you keeping these opportunities in your prayers.
Martin Luther College is now accepting applications for:
 One regular full-time Custodian
One part-time Grounds Worker
Comprehensive descriptions for these positions can be found at mlc-wels.edu/hr. Interested individuals should apply online. Applications will be accepted through 12:00 pm (noon) on Tuesday, August 25, 2020. Additional information and details can be obtained by contacting the Martin Luther College Human Resources Office at 507-354-8221.
Cedar Rapids Clean-Up Project
  Last evening a destructive storm passed through Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Strong winds downed power lines, cutting off power to much of the city and causing significant property damage. Good Shepherd, our WELS church in town, suffered damage to its facilities, as did the homes of a number of church families. Below is information from WELS Christian Aid and Relief Director, Pastor Daniel Sims, about how you can reflect Jesus’ love toward the members of Good Shepherd and the Cedar Rapids community.
 In Christ, 
 Pastor Dennis C. Klatt
 President, Minnesota District
Christian Aid and Relief is planning two workdays to help Good Shepherd's pastor and congregation in Cedar Rapids with clean up after the storm that blew through on Monday. I am contacting you to see if you would be so kind as to ask your members if they would be willing to help on one or both of the days. Work will be ongoing and has started already. If volunteers are available today, before the planned workday, they can call Laura King 608-855-0185.
As of this morning, 22 families are in need of assistance. The majority of the work will be tree and brush removal but could also include mucking out homes that have experienced roof damage and interior rain damage.
Following is the information you can share with the members willing to volunteer their time.

Good Shepherd - Cedar Rapids Workdays:
Dates: Friday, August 14 and Saturday, August 15
If you have availability outside the Friday - Saturday scheduled workdays, Contact Laura King - 608-855-0185
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School
                2900 42nd St NE
                Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
What to Bring:   Work shoes, Suntan Lotion, Mosquito Spray, Gloves, Masks optional
 Health Insurance Card to have on hand in case of emergency
 Smiles and servant hearts

If you have room in your vehicle: Wheelbarrow, Rake, Chainsaw (including chaps, gloves, hardhat and face shield)

Work to be accomplished:  Tree and debris removal, yard cleanup, roof repair
Lunch and Dinner provided
Snacks, water and energy drinks available all-day
To sign up, or for more information, contact:
Laura King 608-855-0185
Elizabeth Zambo 920-723-8021
CAUTION: Plan ahead to have enough gas in your car to get you to and from Cedar Rapids. Gas stations are closed because of the power outage. If you need gas, fill up before entering the Cedar Rapids area.
Pastor Daniel Sims
Director, WELS Christian Aid and Relief
phone: 414-256-3204
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Pilgrim Church
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