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Worship Times
Sunday 9:30 am
(masks and social distancing efforts are employed)
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Services will usually be posted on our website and Youtube

by 11:30 a.m on Sundays.

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Lenten services beginning on Ash Wednesday and continuing throughout Lent
will be in church at 10:00 am. and will be streamed on Facebook.

Suspended for now:
Free Coffee and Treats are provided before and after the Sunday morning service
Sunday School PreK-6
(Children go to Sunday School after the Children's sermon; shortly after the beginning of the service.)
Bible Study starts at 8:30 am
Where To Park
Parking is available on both sides of 1st Ave. Saturday and Sunday, 
and on the west side of 1st Ave. Monday through Friday. 
In addition, parking is available on both sides of 39th St. and on the west side of Stevens Ave.
There are also several disability spaces along the alley and next to the church.

Pilgrim Evangelical Lutheran Church,
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Office:  612-825-5375
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April 11, 2021
Easter 2 Sunday

Sunday Worship Services at Pilgrim continue in person, with social distancing guidelines in place - WORSHIP IS RECORDED ON FACEBOOK LIVE.

Services are then posted on Facebook, Youtube, and the Pilgrim website every Sunday after the 9:30 AM service.
Pastor Schmeling will be at a Pastors' meeting here in Minnesota Monday - Wednesday (April 12 - 14).   Tuesday’s Communion Devotion, Loaves & Fishes, Confirmation Class & Tuesday Bible Study have been canceled.
Pastor can still be reached by phone:  612-222-2050

Brief Devotion, Communion, Prayer (15 minutes)
10:30am every Tuesday (Max of 10 units) spread out
Call ahead 612-222-2050 (Pastor’s Cell)

Building Maintenance
Pews - Anyone willing to help sand & re-varnish the Church pews please contact Bill Brust.

Spring Cleaning - Watch for dates and more information in the next few weeks

School Building Clean-Out - We will need LOTS of volunteers - watch for dates & times.
Food Pantry - Will continue with fresh and canned items.  Feel free to make use of It!  Call if you have any questions.      
Food Shelf Volunteer Opportunities
Delivery Person - 2 - 4  individuals that receive a delivery on Thursdays.  They all live about a mile from church. Deliveries can be made Wednesday - Friday.

Food Shelf Caller -  This can be done from your home on Tuesday afternoon or on Wednesday.  Currently we have 5 to 6 people we call on a weekly basis.  

These are very flexible opportunities and can done be when you are able.  Please contact Bonnie for more information or to set a time to volunteer.

Email:  pilgrimchurchminneapolis@gmail.com

Office Phone:  612-825-5375
Dear Pilgrim Friends & Family,
Please be on the lookout for an orphan baby grand piano that needs a nice church to live. 

Please contact Seth Witte (cell 920-471-2458) with any questions or comments.
Dear Ladies In Faith Today--L.I.F.T.
Starts this Saturday, April 10th!
The "Chosen Bible Study" will be "Bad Girls of the Bible"--(and what we can learn from them) by Liz Curtis Higgs.    We will try to read it together at the study and discuss it. Read the 9 page Introduction, prior to class--PLEASE!!  I know you will enjoy it and it will open the doorway of the book.
The book has 10 chapters.  We would divide the book into a Spring and Fall series--5 sessions each--God-willing.
Spring dates and times:  Saturdays @ 10:00 AM til 11:30 AM

April 10th, 24th, May 8th, May 22nd,
June 5th 2021
OF COURSE --We will try to be Covid 19 compliant.  We will SOCIAL DISTANCE.  No hugging, please-- MASKS REQUIRED   
L.I.F.T. is open to all ladies--PLEASE invite your friends!!!
Digital Sign Project
This project and the funding campaign will be headed up by Arthur. Any questions or if you would like to help with this project contact  Arthur.  Please watch for more details in the future.

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Morning Coffee Virtual Class 
Tuesday at 6PM /  Thursdays at 9AM

Join us on Tuesday evening or Thursday Morning for Bible Class.  Tuesday goes through the Sunday readings in an informative and interactive way.
Thursday class looks at the hero of faith: Moses.
TUESDAY (Formerly Wednesday Bible Class) - 6pm Link:    https://zoom.us/j/91378855252?pwd=VkhlRWhzZ1BzMVp2eHpPVWx2a093Zz09 Meeting ID: 913 7885 5252 Password: 664238

THURSDAY - Thursday 9am Link  -  https://zoom.us/j/95038870222?pwd=L29hTUREUTVwL21DUS9aRldhNGVZZz09 Meeting ID: 950 3887 0222 Password: 906595  

Join us for these studies, you will enjoy them.

WELS Synod Convention 
When:  July 26 - 29, 2021
Where:  Luther Preparatory School, Watertown, WI
2021 SCLA Game Night Virtual Gala is Saturday, April 10, 2021
The silent auction opens at noon, live trivia at 5:30 p.m., and the broadcast starts at 6:30 p.m. 

Preview Items
Take a sneak peak at some of the items available at the silent auction! 

Sign up for the Zoom Trivia - AWESOME PRIZE
Zoom Trivia, hosted by the professional team at Sunset Trivia, starts at 5:30 p.m. Sign up by Friday, April 9. Free to play! Each member of the winning team (up to 8 players) gets a $25 Kwik Trip gift card! 

More information provided on St Croix's website:  StCroixLutheran.org/Gala

Thank you for your continued partnership in Christian education. 

Kristina Lewerenz
Communications Director
St. Croix Lutheran Academy
This is Eleanor
(Note from Bonnie:  Eleanor was a member of my home church and and was a blessing to all who met her.  Some of you may remember her; during Advent & Lent she would attend afternoon services here at Pilgrim.  She loved to hear the school children sing!)
If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. (1 Peter 4:11b)

As I would greet people before and after worship, I often heard a phrase that always brought a smile to my face: “This is Eleanor”. Very often that phrase would be used as a group of college students would gather to visit after worship or in the Fellowship Hall for a meal. She is not a college student. She has never attended one of the Bible Studies held on the local college campus. But she was a servant to her Lord and Savior who utilized the strength that God provided her. I would like you to meet Eleanor.
She was a model of the Christian faith in her personal life. She understood our sin and the need for our Savior. She was faithful in her worship and Bible study attendance. She knew her Bible and read it daily. When college students came into the church building, her congregation knew she was a good person to introduce them to. And so the phrase, “This is Eleanor. . .” is one that sticks in my mind as I visit congregations, high schools, and campus ministries. I think of how Eleanor humbly did some things to encourage college students to be faithful to their Savior. Eleanor also encouraged her family this way. She was very thankful for the campus ministry that served her grandson in Texas. She would regularly write to the college-age students from her home congregation of St. John’s in Minneapolis, Minn., who were away at school. When they came home, she was always happy to see them and greeted them with both a welcoming face and encouraging conversations. When St. John’s was deciding whether or not they should be the place that serves college students in the Twin Cities, Eleanor spoke up both publicly and privately, “We have an opportunity to serve young adults at a crucial time in their lives. I think of my grandchildren and our college students here.” As I remember her encouragement, there are more people just like her spread across our synod.
This is Eleanor. . . She was a model of the Christian faith. She encouraged her family members to stay faithful to their Savior during their college years (and beyond). She did the same with students in her church family. At the age of 85 she encouraged her pastor and congregation to be the place that would serve as the location for campus ministry in the Twin Cities. In the eight years that followed, the Lord continued to provide her with the strength to serve young adults. The Lord Jesus shepherded Eleanor home to heaven in June of 2020 at the age of 93. She was a tremendous blessing to those that knew her. We rejoice that she’s with her Savior in heaven.
Just as COVID has forced individuals and congregations to pivot, the same can be said for college students and our campus ministries. In these last few months, I have been able to visit with various congregations, high schools, and called workers. I have met people who are just like Eleanor. They love their Lord and they love their church and/or school. They show that love with their service. They are individuals who understand that their learning and growing is ongoing as they hear God’s Word and gather around the sacraments. They have family members who have college-aged children and grandchildren. There are young adults in their own congregation who spend some very formative years at locations of higher education. For quite a few places, there is a college, university, or trade school nearby.
The Lord gives you opportunities to serve just as Eleanor did. If you are a current college student, utilize the time God gives you to not only grow in your knowledge and understanding of your course of study but also use this time to grow in God’s Word. For those not in college, continue to be encouragers to your own family members who are either approaching are already in their college years. Encourage the young adults in your own congregation. If your setting is one where there is a college campus nearby, consider ways that the Lord may allow and equip you for serving students with what God has entrusted to you.  God’s blessing to all of you!
Written by Rev. Dan Lindner, WELS Campus Ministry Mission Counselor 
60 years of blessings and progress
The WELS Central Africa Medical Mission (CAMM) is marking 60 years of service to people in Malawi and Zambia. The first clinic began operating in Zambia in 1961; in 1970, CAMM started a clinic in Malawi as well. By meeting the physical needs of the people they serve, the door opens to share the good news of Jesus.
Over the past 60 years, God has given CAMM the opportunity to provide people with physical care in the name of Jesus approximately three million times. The CAMM clinics in Malawi and Zambia serve all the medical needs short of hospitalization for close to 50,000 people, including:
Routine child health and nutrition services
Delivery of babies in Zambia (mandated by the government)
Pre- and post-delivery care
Comprehensive HIV/AIDS health services
Outpatient medical services
Chronic disease monitoring
Making sure villages have safe water supplies and adequate sanitation
Teaching on topics such as general health and how to plant and care for nutrition gardens
Integrating COVID-19 management strategies to both provide care for and minimize possible infection transmission
Shelly Sievert, chair of the CAMM stateside committee, says, “As we approach our 60th anniversary in Zambia, we reflect on God’s continued grace to our clinic and our staff, which includes ten nationals in Zambia. Our Zambia clinic has been operating with little oversight from the stateside committee for close to 15 years and thrives!”
Now, the Malawi clinic will also shift to operate with a fully national staff. “Although 2020 was a tough year for the world, it gave us time and the opportunity to look at our clinic procedures in Malawi, which have been operational for over 50 years. We currently employ 11 nationals, 1 of whom is a registered nurse,” says Sievert. “After 50 years, our CAMM stateside committee, with guidance from the Administration Committee for Africa, and with prayerful consideration, has decided that the time is right. God has provided us the right staff, the right expatriates to train the staff, and the right support to do this.”
Sievert says, “We thank God for the opportunity he allows every day for our clinics to operate, for the staff to care for the patients, for the chances our staff is given to share their faith, and for his continued generosity.”
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Motivated by our Savior’s gifts and promises we want to continue to offer our gifts to him as our response.  Online giving can help with that.
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