Pilgrim Church
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Pilgrim Family

Worship Times
Sunday 9:30 am 
Free Coffee and Treats are provided before and after the Sunday morning service
Sunday School PreK-6
(Children go to Sunday School after the Children's sermon; shortly after the beginning of the service.)
Bible Study starts at 8:30 am

Where To Park
Parking is available on both sides of 1st Ave. Saturday and Sunday, 
and on the west side of 1st Ave. Monday through Friday. 
In addition, parking is available on both sides of 39th St. and on the west side of Stevens Ave.
There are also several disability spaces along the alley and next to the church.

Pilgrim Evangelical Lutheran Church,
3901 First Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409 
Phone 612-825-5375
Office Email:
Pastor's Email:
Website Manager:

Tomorrow       Ladies' Victorian Valentine Tea                     2:00 PM 
Sunday           Bible Study                                                    8:30 AM
                        Communion Worship & Sunday School        9:30 AM
                        Brunch with Pastor                                      10:45 AM
Monday          Pastor's Circuit
                        Pilgrim Council of Elders                               6:00 PM
Tuesday          Early Risers Bible Study                                6:30 AM
Wednesday    Bible Exploration                                          10:30 AM
                        Worship Committee                                      11:30 AM
                        Catechism Class                                            6:00 PM
Thursday        Men's Bible Study                                          8:30 AM 
Next Sunday  Bible Study                                                     8:30 AM
                        Worship & Sunday School                             9:30 AM  
                        Coffee & Treats                                           10:45 AM
2020 Upcoming Events
February 14             Ladies' Victorian Valentine Tea
February 16             Brunch with Pastor 
                                       (Burger, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, etc)
February 23             Community Dinner - Pizza, salad, desert!
February 26             Ash Wednesday
All are welcome!  FREE!!!!
Join us and meet our neighbors!

The next Community Meal at Pilgrim is Sunday, February 23 at 6 PM.  Please keep this ministry in your prayers.
For more information contact Jordan at jordangaal@gmail.com, Pastor S. at pastor@pilgrimonline.net or Bonnie at churchoffice@pilgrimonline.net.

Listen to the Enemies of Jesus!

February 26   John 11:49-53 Caiaphas: "It Is Better That one Man Die for
                      the People"

March 4     Matthew 27:19 Pilate's Wife: "Don't Have Anything to Do with that
                  Innocent Man"

March 11     Luke 22:70,71  Sanhedrin: "We Have Heard It from His Own Lips"

March 18     Matthew 27:4 Judas: "I Have Sinned, For I Have Betrayed
                    Innocent Blood"

March 25     John 19:2,3  Pilate's Soldiers:  "Hail, King of the Jews!"

April 1     Matthew 27:41,42 Chief Priests: "He Saved Others, But He Can't
               Save Himself!"

April 9     Matthew 27:24,25 The Crowd: "Let His Blood Be on Us and on Our
               Children" (Maundy Thursday)

April 10     Matthew 27:54  Centurion: Surely this was the Son of God.”
                 (Good Friday)

April 12     Matthew 28:12,13 Chief Priests and Elders: "His Disciples Came
                 during the Night and Stole Him Away  (Easter Sunday)

Cleaning & Organizing - OPEN TO ALL

Thursday, February 20 at 10:00 AM
Opportunities to Serve Jesus
Lent Devotion Dinners - Groups/Volunteers needed to  cook, serve & clean up - Sign up sheet is posted on the kitchen door

Easter Egg Hunt - Heather and Zoe Herzig will head up this fun Easter tradition

Worship Musicians

Easter Breakfast - kitchen coordinator & helpers

Sunday Morning Coffee & Treats - Sign up sheet is posted on the kitchen door
It's time to sign up for the Martin Lutheran College Volleyball tournaments.

Men's Tournament is Saturday, March 21
Women's Tournament is Saturday, March 28
There will be two divisions of play; Power Division and Semi-Relaxed Division

Deadline for entry is February 14 -  please let Pastor or Bonnie know if you are interested.
Pastor Schmeling will be going to Israel for the first time for 10 days beginning on Feb 25th.  He will be updating the congregation of the various locations of the tour on our Pilgrim Facebook page.  He hopes to "bring you with him!"
CONSIDER ONLINE GIVING - When weather keeps us from making it to church - the bills seem to continue to make their way.  

Motivated by our Savior’s gifts and promises we want to continue to offer our gifts to him as our response.  Online giving can help with that.  Please contact Dale Mueller for more information at 612-554-9121 or dalem9999@yahoo.com.