Pilgrim Church
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Pilgrim Family

Worship Times
Sunday 9:30 am 
Free Coffee and Treats are provided before and after the Sunday morning service
Sunday School PreK-6
(Children go to Sunday School after the Children's sermon; shortly after the beginning of the service.)
Bible Study starts at 8:30 am

Where To Park
Parking is available on both sides of 1st Ave. Saturday and Sunday, 
and on the west side of 1st Ave. Monday through Friday. 
In addition, parking is available on both sides of 39th St. and on the west side of Stevens Ave.
There are also several disability spaces along the alley and next to the church.

Pilgrim Evangelical Lutheran Church,
3901 First Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409 
Phone 612-825-5375
Office Email:
Pastor's Email:
Website Manager:

      On behalf of the board and staff of Christian Life Ministries, thank you for the continued support from you and your congregations.  During the Christmas season, we had very successful Baby Bottle Drives and our Adopt-a-Family was oversubscribed!  We could not have done this without you and your members.    
      I am writing to update you on the progress of the topics I addressed at the conference last February and ask for some specific help.
      We continue to share the Good News with dozens of clients and their children every week.  Our annual Adopt-a-Family program provided much needed material assistance to 45 families.  The Thrift Store is earning steady income for our daily needs thanks to generous donations and volunteers (but we could use more!).  We are bursting at the seams as we attempt to meet the demand for our Gospel focused classes. 
      We are making slow progress in our efforts to renovate our facility in response to the continued high volume of people coming through our doors.   God continues to bless us as we reach out to communities within the Twin Cities who do not know the Good News of Jesus.
      I humbly ask for your attention to the following needs:
1. We have been short a board member for the last six months despite our best efforts to recruit.  We will be losing two more at the end of their terms in April.  Would you please post the following message in your bulletins, newsletters, and/or any other suitable congregational communication?
Volunteer needed for the Board of Christian Life Ministries. 
God continues to bless CLM with growing opportunities to serve the physical and spiritual needs of people in the Twin Cities.  We need a volunteer to complete a three-year board term that began in April 2019.  Experience with budget management and financial reporting preferred, but not required.  Must be able to regularly attend board meetings in Little Canada on the third Thursday of the month plus assist with other special projects as needed, averaging 4-6 hours per month.  Please contact James Fischer at jcfischer6036@gmail.com or 320-309-6036 for more information or to arrange a visit of our ministry.  
2. Please consider downloading one or all of the following videos to your website (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u0515k9xi0ybuoq/AACfVaf_ea7WozVsj7ZhLkgRa?dl=0), showing them on your Life Sunday, posting a link to our website (www.clmonline.com), or liking us on Facebook.
3. If you have a member who is looking for a new way to volunteer, we could use their help in our Thrift Store.  They can call (651) 649-3538 to learn more.
I thank you for your time, your prayers, and your encouragement.

In Christ,
Jamie Fischer

Sunday    Bible Study                                                          8:30 AM                        Worship & Sunday School                                  9:30 AM
                 Brunch with Pastor (Sloppy Joes)                     10:45 AM
Monday     Council of Elders (rescheduled)                        6:00 PM   
Tuesday    Early Risers Bible Study                                    6:30 AM
Wednesday  Bible Exploration                                          10:30 AM
                      Worship Committee                                      11:30 AM
                     Catechism Class                                             6:00 PM
Thursday     Men's Bible Study                                           8:30 AM
Saturday      Food Shelf Sorting (rescheduled)                   9:00 AM
Next Sunday Bible Study                                                    8:30 AM
                       Communion Worship & Sunday School        9:30 AM  
                       Coffee & Treats                                           10:45 AM
                       Community Dinner                                        6:00 PM
2020 Upcoming Events
January 17                Organizing & Cleaning Day (9 AM)
January 19                Brunch with Pastor
January 25                RESCHEDULED Food Shelf Sorting
                                  (9 AM - Donuts provided)
January 26                Life Sunday / Community Dinner
January 31                Organizing & Cleaning Day  (9 AM)
February 2                Super Goal Sunday 
                                         (Pilgrim Groups express their coming goals)
                                 Super Bowl Family Party in the Gym
Pilgrim will host its first Community Meal on January 26th.  Please keep this ministry in your prayers and consider volunteering.

For more information contact Jordan at jordangaal@gmail.com, Pastor S. at pastor@pilgrimonline.net or Bonnie at churchoffice@pilgrimonline.net.
Life Sunday - January 26

Theme: The value of human life at all stages 

Jenny Koepke will be here to speak and answer questions about the New Day Pregnancy Center during coffee hour.

MISSION WEARHOUSE – Thrift Store is located at 2756 Lake Shore Avenue, Little Canada, MN 55117  and is a charitable nonprofit business that supports the activities of Christian Life Ministries. The store sells and accepts donations of clothing, household items and a variety of other goods.  Hours:  Monday – Wednesday 10 am – 4 pm, Thursday 10 am – 7 pm, Friday - Saturday 10 am – 4 pm.

Cleaning & Organizing  - Open to ALL

Friday, January 17 & 31

9:00 AM
Food Shelf Sorting
RESCHEDULED - Saturday, January 25
9 AM
Donuts Provided!
Super Goal Sunday, February 2

All church groups will share a very brief message about goals for their group in the coming year.


Everyone is invited to a Super Bowl Party in the gym at 5 PM.
Consider making Pilgrim part of your Super Bowl celebration.

CONSIDER ONLINE GIVING - When weather keeps us from making it to church - the bills seem to continue to make their way.  

Motivated by our Savior’s gifts and promises we want to continue to offer our gifts to him as our response.  Online giving can help with that.  Please contact Dale Mueller for more information at 612-554-9121 or dalem9999@yahoo.com.


Offerings Received 1.10.20 - 1.16.20
General Fund:                $3,198.00                 
Tree of Life:                 $  372.00
Capital Improvement:    $   210.00                      
Loose Cash:                   $    117.00                                      

 The Lord asks of us.  “On the first day of the week, each of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with your income.”  We want to encourage each other in our regular weekly gifts to the Lord.  The blessings of our Lord are abundant!  We give him our thanks!

Please contact Bonnie if you have any questions regarding the above numbers.