Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board
Altar Flowers are now available for ordering once again in three different arrangements through Dale Mueller.
You can contact Dale by phone at 612-554-9121, email at dalem9999@yahoo.com, or personally on most Sundays at Pilgrim. As of now, ALL worships are available for up to four bouquet spaces with mention in the bulletin. Flowers will be prepared and arranged by our neighborhood florist, Petersen Flowers.
Flower Prices
Vase $25
Small-Medium Arrangement $30
Large Arrangement $40

Catering - your help is needed
The Ladies Guild needs help with catering events (mostly funerals). Both men and women can help! There are several areas that you can help with: setting up tables, serving, clean-up, and furnishing bars. Whether you work or not, bringing a pan of bars is always greatly appreciated! If you are willing to serve Pilgrim and the Lord in this way, please contact Sherry Schochenmaier at 763-416- 5003 or contact the church office. Thank you!


Please pray for the United States military and the following enlisted and/or deployed service men and
Chris and Ryan Altema, Thomas Bonde, Justin Brandt, Jason Fahey, Nicholas Neumann, Cory Williams.

 Please order from SCRIP.  If you would like to place an order, you can do so by contacting Mrs. Shannon Gostchock via email (mrsg531@gmail.com), or phone (612-825-5375 Ext115).  You may also place an order online at www.shopwithscrip.com.  The enrollment code for online orders is FF724CA616L24 -
SCRIP Order Form

Laptop & Desktop Computers Needed
Dear family and friends of Pilgrim,
We are taking donations of your old laptop and desktop computers. (Please remember to include the power cord).  We accept them in any condition or age, whether they work or not. Proceeds from the sale of donated items go to obtaining new computers, monitors and other equipment for the computer lab. 
Just email us at website@pilgrimonline.net and we can arrange to have your computers picked up or just leave them in the church office or copy room (if the office isn’t open). Cash donations are also appreciated. Thank you for your help.

Joe Sorensen