Worship Media Library

Worship Media Library
Pastor Pete's Pulpit Power Point Preaching Presentations
For sermons using Vimeo, press play to view sermon. All others, you need to download the powerpoint presentation, open it and press F5
Core Values: Christ Centered
Core Values: Loving
Core Values: Friendly Family
Core Values: Helpful
Core Values: Innovation
Beginning, Redemption, Restoration
God's Gift
He Left Us
The Power of Peace
The Jesus Difference: The Way, The Truth and The Life
The Jesus Difference: Hope
The Jesus Difference: Joy
Do Not Be Afraid (Easter Message)
The Winner
Finding God in the Dark: I Need Direction
Finding God in the Dark: Not Everybody Like Me
Finding God in the Dark: Too Good to be True
Finding God in the Dark: I Messed Up
What Are You Looking At?
Building a Life: Do Not Deceive Yourself
Building a Life: Seek Understanding
Building a Life: Stay Focused
Building a Life: Be a Team Player
Building a Life: Start with the End in Mind
Finding Direction: How do I know if God approves?
Finding Direction: How do I know it's God's Way?
Jesus is Your Gift
Jesus is Impossible
Jesus is the Way

Jesus is Unstoppable
Jesus is Solid
He Holds It Together
Not My Job!
What are you bragging about?
God and Money 4: Treasure
God and Money 3: Myth vs. Truth
God and Money 2: Real Freedom
God and Money 1: Money Basics
Call Him On It
Be a Wise Guy
Summer 2016 Wrap Up
Church and Change
Prayer: How and Why
Friends and Our Best Friend 
Father's Day 2016
The Christian Citizen  Politics
What are You Ashamed of ? Introduction to I am a Christian; now what?
Our Message to the WorldWorking Together for Good: Genesis 11: 1-9
The Gift of Time
Jesus Our Song: Rev. 5:11-14

Jesus Our Leader: Rev: 1:4-18
Why Are You Crying?
Will We Keep Quiet?
Walking and Talking with Jesus: Don't Miss the Point
Walking and Talking with Jesus: Freely you have received, freely give
Walking and Talking with Jesus: The Earth Moved. Did You?
Walking and Talking with Jesus: The Heart of Jesus
Walking and Talking with Jesus: The Truth that Sets Us Free
Saved to Serve
Delighted and Faithful
More Than Meets the Eye 2: Free
More Than Meets the Eye 1: Let Jesus Be Jesus
The Treasure of Christmas
God on Our Side
Cherish Your Peace
Peace for Tomorrow and Today
Pilgrim Video  for Rooted and Growing 2
A Time Is Coming
Living for Eternity
Grace Rewards for Eternity
Action & Reaction
Pilgrim Video for Rooted and Growing

Treasure's for Eternity
God's Plan
Strong Enough To Serve
Who Do You Say He Is?
He Has Done All Things Well
Be Strong
Eternity: Our Goal and Motivation
Who Is My Neighbor?
Work Made To Be A Blessing
A City on a Hill
Know Change Win
A Jealous God. Really?
The Father's Heart: Three Ways to Live
Called to Love the City
Wholly Holy Because He is Holy
Pentecost: God's Gift
Moms who trust Jesus are a blessing
The Good Shepherd
He Lives: His Life Our Mission
 On October 11, 2013, our dear brother, Larry McGowan, went home to be with the Lord. We thank God for giving us Larry. He was a good and faithful servant and a friend to us all at Pilgrim. It was clear to every life he touched that he loved and followed his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in his example of joy, commitment and dedication to excellence in his work. A part of his legacy exists in the over 200 videos that Larry archived in the Pilgrim Worship Video Library. We will miss Larry for the brief time we will be apart.